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Nom de produit:     Rulli ballerini statica


Static dancer roll for wire and cable manufactures

Recently introduced customizable solution for manufacturers of wire and cable that shall extends machine life and increases productivity. “Static dancer roll” reduces the machines‘ downtime while preventing wire surface damage.

An innovative solution for wire drawing machine that reduces downtime while preventing wire
surface damage. The “Static Dancer Roll” (SDR) replaces the conventional dancer roller or tuner roller on wire drawing machines. With the conventional roller, the combination of high heat, draw lube contamination, and general wear causes wire surface scratching, ball bearing seizure, and constant maintenance. In short, the conventional dancer roller means extended periods of downtime on the factory floor.
With SDR, has provided a customizable solution that extends machine life and increases productivity. Maintenance costs are also reduced and wire quality is improved. Initial trial data indicates that SDR shows little to no wear after two and a half years of operation. If wear becomes apparent, a simple rod adjustment - less than one minute - can provide a new surface with no downtime for the line.

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